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Mbonge uJehova!

August,  2002

Mbonge uJehova, mphefumulo wami; konke okuphakathi kwami makubonge igama lakhe elingcwele!
Mbonge uJehova, mphefumulo wami, ungakhohlwa imisebenzi yonke yakhe yomusa--
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and do not forget all his benefits--  
(in the Zulu language of South Africa)

The Lord made it very obvious to us that many of you were praying diligently as we traveled on our summer festival tour.  We were in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help them present the task of Bible Translation to over 23,500 people at Cornerstone in Bushnell, Illinois, and 20,000 more at LiFest, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Our 17 days, 2800 miles, 12 workshops, 1 television spot and 4 major performances were blessed in every way.  Our five-vehicle caravan traveled safely without incident.  We camped together with up to 50 Wycliffe staff, helped make hundreds of bamboo flutes, and informed thousands of young people about the remaining challenge of over 3000 people groups with no scripture in their own heart language.  And we had such an enjoyable time doing it that the band members keep finding excuses to get together as often as possible!  It was very obvious to all those involved that this was the most successful Wycliffe festival effort to date.  And we were privileged to be able to promote such a worthy cause.  

Here are a couple of items from Wycliffe's Bible Translator's "official" report of the Summer Festivals:

Click Here to see a few more pictures from the Festivals

Here's a few more details from Cory & Julie's perspective:

Cornerstone (23,500) in attendance
At Cornerstone we were busy from dawn to dusk.  We held two drum workshops using djembes and gahu drums from Ghana.  Large numbers of people came to learn proper drum techniques and polyrhythmic patterns indigenous to Africa.  An IziBongo member taught traditional dances from Israel, Ireland and Africa.  She did a fabulous job! (Way to go Dianna!)  We even learned a step or two.  Throughout our time we talked with many people about the vision of Wycliffe Bible Translators and the importance of heart music as we manned the front table and assisted people making bamboo flutes...

LiFest (20,000 in attendance)
At LiFest we played in the food court area (also located in front of a cattle barn J).  Since we were near the food court, a number of people just "happened" to come by.  (We received several reports of how they were blessed by what we shared.)  Cory and Paul were interviewed on a local television station and IziBongo was also featured in two newspapers.  Considering over 100 groups and artists were there, we felt blessed to have that kind of coverage.  Praise the Lord!
We came back encouraged and excited by what God did and will do in the future.  Although we were physically challenged due to the heat, tent life for close to two weeks, long hours, and much effort we believe it was worth it and brought glory to the Lord.




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PS  For those of you who have expressed interest in financially partnering with us as we pursue new avenues of ministry, please send your gifts to the address below. Checks should be made out to ACT, but please enclose a separate note specifying that your contribution is for the ministry of Paul & Cathy McAndrew.  Do not write in the check memo anything but "gift" or "donation."  All contributions are tax deductible and will be receipted by ACT.  Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matt. 6:21& Luke 12:34

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