Worship - The Global Hallelujah!

    -- edited by Barbara Colburn, designed by Jewel Fink, Wycliffe Bible Translators, 2000.

Wycliffe Bible Translators has published a new book: "Worship - The Global Hallelujah!" Full of Bible verses and photos, thoughts, prayers, and song lyrics from around the world, the 90-page book paints a panorama of all peoples coming to God "in need, in prayer, in song - in His strength, for His glory." The book has 28 phrases of "Worship is…" completed by various constituent elements with verbal and pictorial illustrations. Examples include: God's children gathering to proclaim his faithfulness, both quiet trusting and loud proclaiming, listening to God and taking him to heart, a heart that sings to God, the overflow of God's love to the whole world, and much more. The book leads us into reflection on the myriad facets of worship, and what they look like in different cultures. Responses can be written in short journaling spaces provided.

A unique feature about the book is its diversity of sources which have been compiled into a coherent whole. Thoughts from theologians and pastors sit beside song lyrics from non-literate composers in Africa. Teachings by the likes of John Piper, A.W. Tozer, and Judson Cornwall blend with colorful photos of people dancing unto the Lord, singing his praises, celebrating his goodness, living daily life as an act of worship. And don't miss the photo of people literally "leaping with joy" among the Sabaot people of Kenya, where more than 10 cassettes of indigenous Scripture songs using the local instruments have had a major impact in the society.

If you want a book on worship that reflects the global diversity of God's worshipers here on earth, you won't find one better than this. Not only that, pray through the book and consider how God wants you personally to demonstrate "worship is …" to the world around you. A significant challenge, but one that will bear much fruit.

Thanks to Barbara Colborn for editing this fine volume. The book is available from <www.wycliffe.org> or call 1-800-WYCLIFFE in the US.

    -- reviewed by Paul Neeley

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