-- by Stephen Tindle, 1999, Little People Productions, 4-page booklet.

Tindle, a Cherokee, performs fifteen hymns, spirituals, choruses, and one original piece on the Native American flute. Most of it is “smooth listening” with accompaniment of synthesizer, nature sounds, and guitar or dulcimer. The instrumental CD could be background music for early morning meditations (or for falling asleep).

Songs include “Amazing Grace,” “Blessed Assurance,” “There is a Redeemer,” even “Be Thou My Vision.” My favorite piece is “Nothing But the Blood” which is more lively with a drum added.

The music is nice and pretty but doesn’t enter new creative ground to any great level. The synthesizer is used too much for my personal taste.

The recording basically adds a dash of “Indian flavor” to church songs that will be recognized by many people. If you enjoy the ubiquitous panpipe recordings of well-known melodies from pop music, you will enjoy this recording as well.

    --reviewed by Paul Neeley

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