Worship Team Handbook

    -- Edited byAlison Siewert, Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1998. 183 pages.

Is your church starting a new worship service? Are you a vocalist or an instrumentalist on a team? Would you like to know how to use drama or video in worship? This down-to-earth book will help you do all that and more. Written by a worship team with years of experience, this handbook is about helping people develop as individuals with the right skills and heart, and about how to work together as a team. The authors have led worship at several Urbana missions conferences; I saw them in 2000 and was very impressed. 

The book addresses some of the primary elements of a worship service: music, Scripture reading, drama, media, preaching, and communion. There are even sections on stage presence and giving good announcements. J A range of music styles is discussed, from hymns to contemporary choruses.

Some of the goals of the book are to help you design worship services in different contexts (formal and informal); build and guide a worship team; lead your church in interactive worship (beyond being spectators); and be authentic and genuine as a leader before God and before people.

With over 60 chapters, many topics are touched on. Key chapters include:

Six Bible studies for your team to do together are also included, in addition to six dramatic sketches. Edited by Alison Siewert with contributions from Andy Crouch, Matt Frazier and Sundee Tucker Frazier, this practical handbook will help your worship team work together to lead others in lively and meaningful praise. 

    --reviewed by Paul Neeley

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