Godís Glory: What Life is All About

    -- by Jeff Stam, Grand Rapids: CRC Publications, 2002. Study Guide 77 pages, Leaderís Guide 87 pages.

Many of us, especially if we have read much by John Piper, would agree with the title of this Bible study: Godís glory is what life is all about. It is indeed of paramount importance, the rubric to order our lives in the short term and long term. With that in mind, this set is the best study of the topic that I have found for small group Bible studies, and I highly recommend it. It is divided into nine sections as follows:

  1. The focus of Jesusí ministry was the Fatherís glory (John 17)
  2. Experiencing Godís glory is connected to Godís presence (excerpts from Exodus)
  3. Godís glory is reflected in creation (Psalm 19 and Romans 8)
  4. We were created and redeemed for Godís glory (1 Corinthians and Ephesians)
  5. Like Jesus, we are to put Godís glory first (John 12 and 17)
  6. Godís glory is the main reason that Satan is our enemy (Revelation 12)
  7. The Bible lists multiple ways that we are to glorify God (multiple references)
  8. Godís glory will be fully revealed at the end of time (Revelation 20-22)
  9. We are to demonstrate doxology in practical ways (Romans 11 and Revelation 4)

The author finds all sorts of interesting revelations in the scripture passages. For example, the first time Godís glory is mentioned is Exodus 14:4, when Godís people are cornered between the Red Sea and Pharaohís army. The Lord had a purpose in orchestrating that very difficult circumstance: 
ďI will gain glory for myselfĒ among both the believers (Jews) and non-believers (Egyptians).

Each lesson has discussion questions, suggested songs to sing, and follow-up ideas. Some lessons have suggested group projects. The follow-up ideas are intended to move the material from head knowledge into daily living, and I guarantee they will change your life if you do them. The leaderís guide has excellent additional in-depth material which is indispensable to leading the study in a group. The study would also work well in a devotional setting for an individual or family.

Since the study basically consists of reading Scripture, discussing implications, and finding ways to apply it in everyday life, it can be adapted to settings ranging from a seminary to a village setting in rural Africa.

If you and the people you work with already believe that the purpose of our lives revolves around Godís glory, this study is a good reminder. If this is a new concept, I dare say that the book can lead to a major eye-opening revelation. It has the potential to reorient people to the overarching purpose of their lives.

    --reviewed by Paul Neeley

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